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Company profile

  Jingyu Tianhe (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing Zhongguancun high tech Development Zone, is a focus on satellite data monitoring, satellite data monitoring products and equipment R & D and sales information platform and provide related solutions and services for the integrated information technology company. Provide international leading products and technology for the industry users at the same time, adhere to the independent research and development to promote the sustainable development of enterprises based on satellite data monitoring, satellite monitoring data and the characteristics of the industry user's actual demand to develop "ship fuel satellite monitoring system, geological disaster monitoring satellite system, satellite forest fire monitoring system" environmental monitoring system, meteorological satellite, satellite hydrology and water quality monitoring system "," agricultural soil moisture monitoring satellite system, power monitoring satellite monitoring system, satellite monitoring geographic information system "," ship position monitoring satellite tracking system, vehicle location monitoring satellite tracking system "," personnel position monitoring satellite the position tracking system, satellite monitoring animal tracking system and a variety of hardware products and application system.

  Provide satellite data monitoring and satellite data monitoring complete Kim Tianhe spirit of "pragmatic and innovative spirit" for the government, earthquake, fire, coal, security, foreign affairs, national defense, aviation, aerospace, media, maritime, salvage, shipping, fisheries, broadcasting, communications, roads, railways, public security, environmental protection, geology, marine, meteorology, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electricity and other important sectors of industry solutions.

  Good service is Kim Tianhe years development foundation. We always take the customer as the center, and take the industry as the guidance. A complete service system of pre-sale, sale and after sale has been established, which has established a good relationship with a number of scientific research units. The company's business covers the whole area of China and is a well-known enterprise in the industry to establish long-term friendly and cooperative relations with the large customer group.

  The spirit of pragmatism and innovation

  Meet the needs of customers in different industries

  Integrating domestic and foreign resources based on domestic market

  Industry - class equipment supplier and system integration provider

  Providing a full range of first stream products, system solutions and services

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