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Service support

source:Jingyu Tianhe    Publish:2017年06月20日

  1. Exchange of common problems:

  In the daily use of the problems encountered, we will do our best to answer for you.

  2. Training services:

  Kim Tianhe online, effective and comprehensive for your self and on-site training courses, improve equipment operation skills of your application, expand the depth of your. User training is an important measure of Kim Tianhe company's products and services, but also an important means to protect the user's normal use of products. Our company promise to all users of the product use Jinyu Tianhe company and related personnel to provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale, customer service consulting and training. To this end, our company has developed a complete and standardized user training plan, and has trained experienced engineers with customer training experience as training teachers, and has prepared comprehensive and detailed training materials.

  3. Telephone support services:

  Equipment consulting, providing a reasonable system planning to help you choose a comprehensive solution that suits your needs as soon as possible. Jingyu Tianhe company promised to provide free telephone consultation for new and old customers and technical support service hotline +8610-69808755, Kim Tianhe company users regardless of product or technology involves all aspects of solutions to such problems, just call the hotline I will meet user requirements on the phone to be answered.

  4. Implementation of services:

  Jingyu Tianhe help you achieve system successfully used, to achieve maximum value; and determined by evaluation for your further goal of providing a more reliable basis for.

  5. Operation and maintenance:

  When your problems can not be solved by hot line or remote way, we will provide you with on-site support and troubleshooting problems for you.

  6. Demand feedback service:

  Provide effective channels and business development department, Tianhe Jinyu exchange and communication for you.

  One-stop purchase, one-stop service

  Plan design, guide purchase, technical service

  Quick, convenient, comprehensive and professional service standards

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