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Vehicle location satellite monitoring and positioning system

source:Jingyu Tianhe    Publish:2017年05月23日

  The vehicle satellite positioning system is used for the management of vehicles in different industries. Satellite positioning system can not only meet the needs of users and solve the vehicle location query, anti-theft, it can be widely used in vehicle management of large enterprises, transportation, logistics, leasing and other industries, to provide convenient, fast and scientific management mode for the user, but also to prevent the vehicle is stolen, the occurrence of such phenomena in social security, has good economic effect and social effect, is currently the most popular group of owners and users to accept products.

  application area

  1, concrete vehicle management;

  2. Freight stowage;

  3. Passenger traffic safety monitoring and dispatching;

  4, taxi monitoring and dispatching;

  5. Monitoring and dispatching of dangerous goods transportation vehicles;

  6, construction machinery vehicle monitoring and management;

  7, rental vehicle monitoring and dispatching;

  8, private car security monitoring;

  9, credit vehicles and so on.

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