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Satellite data monitoring system for agricultural soil moisture

source:Jingyu Tianhe    Publish:2017年05月23日

  The remote area and the serious water shortage with much land and few people, remote automatic soil moisture information collection and timely monitoring of soil moisture, drought prediction, scientific irrigation, improve production efficiency. The key to remote data acquisition is to solve the problem of wireless communication. The coverage of ground mobile communication network in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia is relatively weak, especially in most areas where there is no network coverage. Satellite communication technology is effective.

  Agricultural soil moisture monitoring satellite system is a combination of the world network communication service platform, soil moisture sensor measured data are sent to the data acquisition terminal, then the satellite terminal or ground mobile communication link is sent to the monitoring system platform, the platform receives data pushed to the relevant user disease monitoring center. Each user system can also access the monitoring system through Internet to obtain their own data information, etc.

  System structure diagram

  application area

  Study on the growth environment of plants

  agricultural production

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