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Ship fuel satellite data monitoring system

source:Jingyu Tianhe    Publish:2017年05月23日

  This system is composed of data acquisition system of ship ship terminal and intelligent monitoring platform system, data acquisition system of ship end including ship sensor, center machine and satellite antenna system, intelligent monitoring terminal system including network center, user monitoring terminal and management platform, data acquisition system of ship end of the signal will be collected by remote wireless transmission the system is transmitted to the intelligent terminal monitoring system.

  Ship end timing data transfer to shore based monitoring and management platform of database, and the use of intelligent monitoring software, display equipment running status, energy consumption of the ship and the location information in real time, the scientific development of single ship speed and single speed economy economic quota, set the alarm area, realize the ship fuel consumption of scientific, digital and intelligent management.

  Ship fuel monitoring system structure diagram

Ship fuel satellite data monitoring system


  application area

  Fuel consumption in tug operation

  Ocean fishing boat operation

  International Cruise real time monitoring

  Real-time monitoring of oil tanker transportation

  Energy saving and emission reduction of shipbuilding enterprises

  Chartering oil consumption statistics

  Real-time monitoring of oil drilling platform

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